Help Gavin Fight Neuroblastoma

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Tosha's Post on March 10, 2014

My baby Gavin became CANCER FREE this morning at 7:03 a.m. I knew he could do it all along. He NEVER gave up... He didn't know how to- it was not in him. I want everyone to know that he DID receive his miracle, long ago.

I want Gavin remembered for his handsome smile, contagious laugh, and his witty personality. His love for video games, his iPad and movies. His passion for cooking, his positive ...outlook on life, his wisdom beyond his years. His compassionate soul, his willingness to forgive, his thankfulness of EVERY God given day, and the simplicity and realism he brought to so many lives.

Please join us in celebration by paying something forward in his honor.
Please consider contributing in honor of Gavin:
Gavin Strong Fund